11/11 A Moment for Grace

11/11 A Moment for Grace

Magic happens at MaeMae. From synchronicities to spiritual breakthroughs, we share magical moments with our MaeMae community every single day. That's what makes MaeMae so very special - each piece is an alchemy of intention into gold. Each piece shares its own story of acceptance and affirmation, handcrafted into a beautiful reminder made to be worn throughout the journey. This is the story of Grace.

She's been 5 years in the making, I haven't been more excited about a piece in a long time. Meet Grace, she's the part of you that knows you're amazing, roots for your best life and always finds the light in every situation. She's the one that allows yourself to make mistakes and she's also the you that shines light on your Queendom. Grace is the secret ingredient I needed to infuse into my spirit allowing me to truly accept myself. She's been the biggest blessing, because truth is, all she wants to do is remind you that you are a walking blessing... - Rheena Mae (founder)

But Grace's story doesn't end here, this is just her beginning. The real magic happens when Grace and her message connects with others. Grace is a place called home, a refuge, a safe space created by you for you.

As soon as Rheena first introduced Grace and her story to the team of MaeMae angels, it resonated with me. Unbeknownst to Rheena at the time, I had written a song called Grace that served as a personal reminder to take a moment to simply be, to breathe, and to marvel in the mystery of life's unknowns rather than allow them to overwhelm me. Her story and the piece she made carried the same simple and universally true intention as the song in my heart. 

A few days later I had a chance to pull Rheena aside and play my tune, thankfully she felt the same synergy and became a champion for Grace the song and how it connects with Grace the necklace. Fast forward to today, 11/11, and I am proud to introduce you to both! This song would still be in my personal diary if not for the encouragement of Rheena and the whole MaeMae family, including our musically brilliant husbands. Here's hoping that this message reaches your heart today and reminds you that Grace is there for you whenever you allow it.

Carved a moment for grace,
Got a long way to go but I’ve made some space.
And the words from my heart feel free and flow,
May they take me places I’ve longed to go.
May it happen everyday,
May I stay out of my way,
May my feet find pavement
And the breath in my chest
Catch lightly in awe of the rest.
Life moves at a dizzying pace,
It’s hard to know where to go when you’ve got no place.
May the words from your heart feel free and flow,
May they take you places you’ve longed to go.
May it happen everyday,
May you stay out of your way,
May your feet find pavement 
And the breath in your chest
Catch lightly in awe of the rest.
Here for a moment of space,
Who knows where to go if you’ve got no grace? 

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