To Birth a New Dream

We often think of starting anew— whether it’s a change of career or a small creative project. But what if there’s an actual time when we can?
The super new moon.
The new moon marks the next cycle of happenings. When you are a field ready for the new harvest. 
But what makes this new moon a super new moon?
With the July 12 new moon being a supermoon, it will appear larger if we could actually see it. We may not see the intensity of the supermoon as it’s invisible during a new moon. However, this brings a significant meaning as it is the invisible force that will bring forth great change. 
So be in tune with these invisible elements: your emotions and dreams residing within you. Find the slivers of imagination that shine from the unseen. Your mind is a cradle of newborn dreams, take this time to nurture and raise them.
Whether you’re a hardcore lover of astrology or simply want to know your favorite person’s star sign, this marvelous sight may be your inspiration to go after the creative project you’ve been thinking of starting. 
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