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Bloom Flower Necklace

Bloom Flower Necklace

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If you needed a message from the Universe - This is it. The golden roses charm is the perfect self reminder that the Universe loves you. This necklace flaunts an engraved duo of delicate roses on a rounded rectangle charm. Made with one of our best selling chains, Vulnerability, it perfectly catches stunning flecks of light with every movement. When you wear this piece, you feel love and happiness through every step you take towards the life of your dreams 

Behind The Design  This elegant golden necklace was intentionally designed on our vulnerability filigree chain to remind you that you become more resilient and brace when you embrace who you truly are and what you're feeling. The roses engraved on the charm are a visual representation of self love and worthiness. These flowers hold so much beauty with deep red color, but they also have unforgiving thorns and flaws, symbolic to life's experiences that teach us lessons in order to grow into our best self. Lastly, the red rose is a message from the universe that they love you and care about your well-being. If you have been doubting the existence of the universe or the spiritual realm, then a red rose can be a symbol that they exist and are paying attention to you - all in all this necklace is a personal treasure

May This Piece Remind You  that  you have planted the seeds for the life of your dreams - be vulnerable enough to accept the beauty of what life has to offer


  • Standard 16" - 18" adjustable dainty 14k gold filled filigree chain 
  • The rose medallion  25mm X 13mm 
  • 14k gold filled spring ring clasp
  • Bloom necklace comes with an affirmation card, in a beautiful gift box
  • lead-free, hypoallergenic
  • Lovingly handmade in Los Angeles by real Angels

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