Girl Power Bracelet

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We stand with you—tall, proud and strong!!! For every woman that came before us and will come after us—this is for you. We believe in love. We believe in peace. We believe in equality for every human being on our planet. Women's rights are human rights. 

This bracelet is a symbol of our solidarity. The Rose Quartz stone emits LOVE + PEACE + HARMONY and it sits between two outer balls representing strength while the pink string is the unification of all women of every nationality, religion, and race. 


  • Pink nylon cord with adjustable slip knot tie
  • Two sterling silver beads 3mm + genuine rose quartz stone 6mm
  • Girl power bracelet comes with affirmation card in a beautiful gift box
  • Lead-free, hypoallergenic
  • Handmade with Love by MaeMae Jewelry in Los Angeles

    Size Guide





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    Chain_Ring_Video_001 from MaeMae Jewelry on Vimeo.



    Chain_Ring_Video_002 from MaeMae Jewelry on Vimeo.

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