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Happy Thoughts Turquoise Red String Bracelet

Happy Thoughts Turquoise Red String Bracelet

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Happy Thoughts - "Turquoise is the stone of love and communication. Rub it, feel it, think happy thoughts and watch your energy shift to a place that makes you smile."

 When Peter Pan lost his marbles he forgot how to fly. When he found them he realized they were just happy thoughts, fuel for magic. May this piece remind you that your happy thoughts can help you fly.


  • adjustable red nylon silk string - super durable, can be worn in water
  • 6mm turquoise stone
  • "Happy Thoughts" bracelet comes with an affirmation card in a beautiful gift box
  • lead-free, hypoallergenic
  • handmade with Love by real MaeMae angels in Los Angeles


  • 5-6" (x-small)
  • 6-7" (small - standard)
  • 7-8" (med/lar)
  • 8-9" (x-large)
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