Flourite Massage Wand
Flourite Massage Wand
Flourite Massage Wand
Flourite Massage Wand

Flourite Massage Wand

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Energy of the Crystal

A truly delightful wand, this Rainbow Fluorite Crystal wand is a useful addition to any crystal collection. Whilst the massage itself alleviates stress and pain, the crystal attributes of the wand may be transferred. Fluorite is believed to be a powerful healing stone that brings order to chaos and when stroked across the body towards the heart, fluorite releases suppressed feelings and facilitates life change.

Rainbow Fluorite displays a wonderful range of colors, including blues, purples, and green ranging from delicate shades to deep tones, interspersed with areas of clear transparency. Fluorite is thought to keep the aura clear and makes a wonderful piece for any situation.

Our MaeMae team hand picks each crystal with lots of love and positive intentions.


  • approx 1.5cm x 6cm
  • imported from Brazil
  • each crystal comes with a description card
  • each crystal is unique; size, shape, color, and patterns will vary

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