Flower Agate Tower
Flower Agate Tower
Flower Agate Tower
Flower Agate Tower

Flower Agate Tower

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Flower Agate is a fascinating new find from Madagascar. It is a type of plume agate (agate with plume-like inclusions) and aids in manifesting & nurturing your dreams. It's beautifully soft, feminine energy ignites a passion to pursue our dreams and live life to the fullest.

Flower Agate should be the new totem stone for anyone, who feels like they have seen “too much” to go easily back into the mindset of spontaneous and playful dancing with a friendly and supportive universe. Stop and smell the roses, like, literally. 

Note: Due to the natural materials inherent in this item, each unique piece will have variations in size and characteristics.

We always choose crystals with beautiful attributes and they are hand-picked from the MaeMae Team. 😘 

Measures approx. 2.5cm x 8.5cm

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