The Cersei Ring

The Cersei Ring

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Unlike the traditional white pearl, this baroque freshwater Tahitian pearl is the absolute opposite because each one has its very own shape and size—just like Cersei who does not confine her true self.

And while we must remind you that we do not look to her as a role model, she is an example that women can be just as calculating, despotic, and as ruthless as men. In this respect, no one is to be taken for granted.  Slay on with your bad self!




  • 14k gold filled or sterling silver chain 
  • Baroque Freshwater Tahitian Pearl
  • Ring comes in a beautiful gift box
  • lead-free, hypoallergenic

Because it is an all natural pearl, the color and shape will vary ever so slightly. Some may have a green tint and while another can be more purple.  

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