Get Loved On
By Baby Buddhas

For Your
Soul Sister

Made to remind them of your unbreakable bond.

Anklet Season Is Here

Why do anklets make us feel so sexy?! Don't know, but we're here for it!

Sage Bundles Packed With MaeMae Magic

Let's Get Spiritual

Invest in your spiritual well being, boo. Browse our spiritual lifestyle collection, which includes sage bundles, candles, palo santo, abalone shells, dope tarot and oracle card decks, satin eye masks, face rollers, notebooks, journals and more.

Center Yourself

Our Baby Buddhas are there to remind you to trust yourself, always. Sit one on your desk, in your car or on your dresser and let these super cute, tiny, happy faces fill the room with joy! A perfect gift for you or a loved one.

Hot Girl Summer

The first days of summer are fast approaching, and these warmer days have us busting out our dresses and sandals and of course, dainty anklets!! Why do anklets make us feel so sexy?! Don't know, but we're here for it!

When You Choose MaeMae, You Get Loved On.

That’s because MaeMae was designed and created to spread love, acceptance and kindness. To encourage you to be you, your softest, strongest most vulnerable and honest self. Whatever you are feeling today is ok with us.

New Arrivals

Browse MaeMae Jewelry's latest arrivals from 14K gold Evil Eye protection necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Looking for dainty jewelry, look no further than our hypoallergenic threader earrings and studs.


From your heart for their spirit

MaeMae's got you covered for specialty, heartfelt gifts ready for any occasion.

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Everything about that package was extraordinary and I felt the Love! I appreciate it soooo much. When I held that crystal I was so over joyed. You are amazing!


I Love your stuff and the energy it brings. I'm wearing my necklace right now and it  makes me feel beautiful, strong and powerful. Thank you MaeMae for doing jewelry. I really feel that it does love me back...


Shop By Feelings

MaeMae designs jewelry from a place of feeling first, and we organized the site so you can find the pieces that reflect how you're feeling at this moment.  Here are a few of the feelings-based collections you can shop from:

Feeling Lucky

We've designed delicate jewelry that incorporates lucky talismans and materials, sourced from all around the world, so you can manifest good fortune on the daily.

Feeling Worried

Being worried or stressed is a natural feeling. This collection was created to help you be present and work through life's stressors and worries. You've got this, love.

Feeling Loved

There are so many ways to feel loved, be loved, and give love. Our gifts are perfect whether its sibling love, romantic, or just sharing love with your tribe.


MaeMae Chain Rings

Our chain rings are dainty, comfortable and perfectly stackable. From a night on the town, to every day wear, MaeMae Chain Rings are designed for any style and perfect for any occasion.



I am in LOVE with all of your jewelry and inspiring pieces. Keeps me inspired everyday to push through the daily challenges, especially in these times now!


Your jewelry is the light during these life-changing events in the world.


Featured Collections

Our collections are created specifically to support and help you through life's journeys. Whether you are looking for spiritual alignment, protection or a feel good, delicate stone bracelet - you can always look to MaeMae Jewelry for your next favorite piece.

Align Your Chakras

Looking for spritual alignment? MaeMae created an entire 7 Chakras jewelry collection focused on helping align yourself, wherever you are in your journey.

Evil Eye Jewelry

Especially during these times, protecting yourself is always important. MaeMae Evil Eye jewelry collection are small items created to help protect you.

Birthstone Jewelry

Your birthstone is a part of who you are as an individual. Our wide selection of dainty birthstone jewelry is perfect for any style and occasion.

Healing Stone Jewelry

Healing stone jewelry can help you through all of life's challenges, big or small. From positive energy to protection, to relief and more. We've got what you need to help you do you.

What's Your Sign?

Your Zodiac sign is as unique as your fingerprint. MaeMae has a wide range of dainty zodiac jewelry: earrings, to rings to necklaces and more.

Genuine Stone Bracelets

MaeMae handcrafts unique genuine stone bracelets in a wide range of stone materials. Each bracelet is hand made with purpose and packed with love.

Perfect Fit

Finding dainty jewelry that fits you perfectly isn't easy.  That's why MaeMae proudly offers inclusive sizing on all our pieces.  If you don't see the size you need, just message us.  We got you.  

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