Welcome to MaeMae, a slice of heaven on earth!

A safe place to be who you are. A joyful place to cry, laugh and share your vulnerabilities. If you've lost your fairy magic and life's consumed you along the way, you're in the absolute right place. We're here to help you FLY again!!!

What is MaeMae?

MaeMae is an energy, a spirit, a breath of fresh air that wants to love on you and remind you how dope you are! She also happens to be the energy that guides us to create magic tools to help you on this journey of life because let’s be honest, this is one heck of a rollercoaster.

How did MaeMae begin?

Our Chief Happiness Officer and founder Rheena Mae started MaeMae in 2011 because of feeling emotionally constipated. What is that you ask? Well growing up as a 1st generation Filipino American she was’t taught how to feel her emotions with safe outlets to express them. So all her life she just powered through and kept “doing” what she was supposed to not bothering to check in with herself along the way (because who has time for that, lol). But in 2011 she hit a breaking point - said enough’s enough and created her first piece called TRUST… From there the rest in history.

Our Dream For YOU...

Is that you have a sacred refuge and when the world feels heavy and dark you can go inward and find comfort in the knowing that “this too shall pass.” That you’re a badass dope five-star human being that is worthy of love, joy and extraordinary experiences. And that every cell in your body deserves to be loved, like that yummy delicious kind of love that you keep wanting to slather all over your body… We’re MaeMae and honestly, all we know how to do is love on you. And quite frankly that’s all we ever wanna do! So from our hearts to yours, thank you. For just being you and saying YES to life and being willing to go on this wild journey. However we can be there to support you we will!!!

Why MaeMae?

Because obvi, we’re dope! No for real, we’re real human beings just like you (and we know you’re dope ;-). No factory made that, we did. Little angel hands in Los Angeles loving on each piece individually because we know how special and meaningful it is to you so we infuse it with all our good juju! Everything you buy has a loving intention behind it to help you on this journey.


The ladies behind the jewelry you love and wear are the heart and soul of MaeMae. Our team is a DOPE group of angels, which is why every employee is a MaeMae Angel. Every time you buy MaeMae, you're supporting a BIPOC, female owned small business!

Lets be friends, actually lets be best friends. I promise to love on you!

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