New About Us

Hello, Lovely.

My name is Rheena Mae. I’m ever-changing, always learning and constantly becoming. Striving to be better every day.  In honesty, sometimes I fail. Many times falling two notches below happy.  But through my ups and downs knowing that I AM ENOUGH keeps me going. 
Welcome to MaeMae Jewelry. It's the story of my life told through jewelry pieces on affirmation cards. If you're human, I'm sure you can relate. If you're breathing I'm sure you too have a story. My wish is that my story resonates with yours and together we can co-create in this lifetime.
My whole heart,

Rheena Mae

Chief Believer in Your Dreams
MaeMae lives in the flesh of brick-&-mortar in my favorite neighborhood in all of Los Angeles -Atwater Village. 
 I love it not only because it’s the coolest indy street ever, but because I grew up here.
YES, you heard that right. From elementary school at Glenfeliz to high school at John Marshall.
Atwater Village (which I will refer to as ATW from now on, because that’s what OG’s from this ‘hood do, ha!) is home.
I’ve had the fortunate pleasure of living my dream creating MaeMae Jewelry and I am happy that I can give the joy right back to the community that raised me. 

MaeMae was literally born on the floor of my living room. So to make my long, sad story short I’m here to say, “We MADE IT MOM!!!” The poor little girl that hustled for lunch money now has one of the dopest Brick & Mortars on the Blvd.
Meet MaeMae - she is my heart. My soul. My dream. She taught me how to feel.  Every piece represents a milestone in life - whether you’re teetering on divorce or having the best year of your life - there’s a piece at MaeMae Jewelry that reminds you that you’re perfect exactly where you are.

I get to enjoy the journey and so do you.  Life doesn’t have to be so hard, it’s us that make it that way. So cheers to living your DREAM...because when you walk into MaeMae Jewelry your heart will remind you of the ones you’ve been ignoring.