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Why are we called MaeMae Jewelry?

Rheena Mae is our fearless leader (most of the time,lol... don't worry she wrote this)  and her name doubled in Chinese means little sister, which she naturally is. So she thought it would be a sweet endearing homage to her childhood. MaeMae is that little girl that resides in all of us. A little scared to take the next step but fearless enough to break through the challenges. Every piece shares a message that your heart wants you to know.

Do you hand-make all your pieces?

Yes, each piece is made with lots of love right here in our studio in Atwater Village. A sweet community of artisans that still manages to be a small town in the abyss also known as Los Angeles, CA. 

What happens if my jewelry breaks?

Have no fear, MaeMae is here... Just pop it in the mail and send it to us.  We'll fix it and make it all better!

I have a question about my order, what should I do?

Please email info@maemaejewelry.com, we're happy to help.

How long does shipping take?

When I get my drone it will take no time but for right now bear with us --> Standard shipping is 3-5 business days for domestic and 5-15 business days for international.

Do you ship internationally?

You betcha!  Knowing a piece of MaeMae will be in your country makes me smile from ear to ear.

How will I know when my order ships?

Telepathy...  Haahaaa ok, maybe, but just in case you'll receive an email with a tracking #.

Where does your jewelry ship from?

Our jewelry ships from the Unicorn Village known as the MaeMae Experience in Atwater Village, CA 90039.  It's located in the heart of Los Angeles right near Dodger Stadium, Griffith Park and most consider Disneyland close with "only" being 25 miles away. (but not me, it's far. Like LA traffic far so I don't Disney often, no I'm not bitter. Well, a little. I could buy a season pass but it's too inconvenient. Sorry I'm unloading all of this in a FAQ page but I feel that you would understand me.)



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