But Are You Even Breathing? I have a gift for you...

Before I get into this FREE jewelry thing let me ask you a question...

How is your breathing?
Can you feel your breath?
Do you inhale and allow your breath to fall deep into the pit of your stomach?
Do you not even think of these things and keep living because breathing is something that your body just does?

Take a ride with me and let me share the story of how my breath set me free and I promise I'll get to the free jewelry part...

For the past year, I've struggled to cope with daily life. I've used food, sex, drugs, alcohol, and approval to numb my pain. To be honest, I thought I was okay. To be honest, I thought I was "living", sharing, giving and being the me that was me. But to be honest, that was the only me I knew how to be so I rode with it. I allowed all the feelings that were percolating in my body to well up and devour the best part of me, the only thing that really keeps me alive ---->  my breath.

But the truth is, I forgot about it, didn't even pay it any attention. I didn't honor it, and I didn't even know that I had to.

Think about this:

When you're born the only way to know you're alive is that you're breathing. And when you die the only way to know you're dead is that you stop breathing.

How freaking important is our BREATH?

It's EVERYTHING and it's the only thing that lets us know we're alive.
So why is it that I used all those other things to help me feel alive when the only thing that really does is my breath.
A few weeks ago I decided to cut all the hoopla out and focus on one super simple easy thing ----> my breath.

When I wake up in the morning I catch my breath. I breathe deeply into my stomach and keep doing it until it feels normal, unregulated, free, easy, undefining and all-encompassing. There are no goals I need to reach every day. There are no should do, could do, would do. There is no past. There is no future.

My breath is the only thing that is PRESENT in this very moment and when I catch my breath in the morning everything else that transpires that day is extra, icing on the cake.

To put it simply, I've learned how to simplify everything in my life to the one and only thing that truly matters ----> my breath. If I lost everything including money, cars, houses, relationships, and even MaeMae and I still have my breath I know that I am alive. I'm not scared anymore to have nothing because with my breath I've learned that I have everything.

So herein lies the message of this super simple piece I would love to give to you. 
A long necklace that holds a ring... A reminder that you are only your breath in every moment. When you forget, place the ring on your finger and pull down, breath deeply into your belly until it feels deep and real. Acknowledge it, get out of your mind and remember everything beyond your breath is extra...

I pull on my necklace several times a day and these have been my results:
I'm pulled into the present instantly
Shit that used to stress me out have disappeared
Haven't used validation or drugs to let me know I'm alive

In the biggest sense what it's done for me is given me back to me in my most natural form. To think that such a simple piece could hold me accountable for the only thing that matters in this life is freakin epic!!!

So from my heart to yours I wanna gift this gift to you that has given me my life back. All I ask is that you send me an email sharing how you feel this piece can help set you free and come home to you.
Email me at info@maemaejewelry.com or call me at 323.205.5390.

Living free,
Rheena Mae
Chief Breather at MaeMae
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The first time I knew anything about your jewelry was when I attended a country music event in DTLA ( I believe 3 years ago) and I was captured by it’s beautiful messages on the cards. I bought a necklace for my daughters and myself and my sister-in-law. Thank you for this email because earlier this year I started a personal journey of reflection and authentic living, which involved breathing and reflecting on personal decisions and vibrating at a higher level of consciousness. Every day I wake up with a purpose filled mindset and also I have timers that now remind me to breathe and check in with myself and my thoughts. Honestly, I don’t know how I would function without these reminders daily and I would appreciate one of your necklaces as another reminder that all is well, that the universe is collaborating with what thoughts I send out and I’m on the right track.


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