Finding Polaris

How to find your way amongst the sea of decisions. A guide to self-searching.
We’ve all been there. Hell, maybe this situation brings us back to present day.
When you have no idea what to do or where to go. When you’re just lost.
Maybe you got laid off, or the one you thought was the love of your life just got up and went. Or maybe you think nothing is happening at all when it really should.
The sea of unanswered questions and decisions fill the mind and the next thing you know, you’re drowning in them.
A trick that sailors use when they’re lost at sea comes from above. When you look at the northern sky, one star stays constant in the dark canvas: Polaris. It is the telling point of where you’re going and the direction you’ll be from.
Now, how do we correlate this tip with life? How do we use Polaris to guide us?
  1. Pay attention to Pointers
It’s quite easy to find the North Star if you know where to look. Polaris is readily found in a group of stars known as the Big Dipper, with the two pointers stars Dubhe and Merak. The Big Dipper fully revolves around the Pole Star in a day, making it easier for travelers to find it. What in your life have you noticed stayed positively consistent even when times are changing? The universe tries to offer signals that can either be neglected or missed if we’re not paying close attention. It can be simple, like how the person you’re thinking about messages you or when your mother always drops by to remind you her love. These constant pointers revolve around your own Polaris, allowing you to easily find your North Star.

2. Sirius vs Polaris (Beware of shiny objects!)
It’s a common mistake when people assume that Polaris is the brightest star. If not properly trained, novice travelers will follow the brightest star, Sirius, and end up getting more lost. Sirius, unlike the Polaris, constantly moves around the northern hemisphere, therefore, making navigation difficult. Just because it’s shiny, doesn’t mean it will help you.
Don’t get seduced by the next shiny thing. It keeps you from being constant in yourself and accomplishing your own goal. Retrace your tracks back to the simple pointers that keep you happy. By keeping those signs close to you allows you to make smarter decisions in the vast sea. However, that doesn’t mean all shining opportunities are bad. When introduced to one, think of how it can help you with your own goals and constant living.
  1. Know where you are with Polaris 
A nice trick about Polaris is that it tells you where you are by the direction of the star. If you are about face from Polaris, you are steered towards South. As you travel northward, the Pole Star ascends higher in the sky. This connection with Polaris allows you to know where you are in life. Bringing it back to present, you can use Polaris as your constant point in life. As influences can either steer you closer or farther away, you can use the North Star as guidance in choosing the right decisions. When in doubt, consult your moral code and better judgment. With cosmos connecting with your life, the universe unveils a pathway to your personal goals and growth. Through these principles granted from the North Star, our choices become more self-fulfilled.
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