5 Ways Not to Kill Your Plant

5 Ways Not to Kill Your Plant

"My plants are dying, help!

Why are the leaves turning yellow & brown, ughhhh

I even kill succulents, I’m terrible with plants…

Eww all these little bugs, I don’t want plants anymore."


Does this sound like you or someone you know? Well, you’re in luck because I have 5 magical secrets that you can use to jumpstart your new green thumb:  


1. Accepting that you are their new Plant Mommy or Daddy

Getting a plant is a commitment, not necessarily a big one, but one nonetheless.

When you bring one into your home you are promising to love it and take of its needs.

If you’re not willing to take on this responsibility maybe it’s not the right time.



2. You have to pick the right plants that are gonna thrive in your space

I love buying plants because they’re pretty but sometimes they need more light.

Look around your space and see what rooms have direct & indirect light,

Then buy plants that can thrive in those spaces.

Local plant shops can give you lots of insight on this.


 3. Not all plants are going to live, you have to be okay with that

I’ve killed lots of plants over the years - negligence, over-watering & not caring.

It used to make me feel sad so I stopped trying for years, until…  

I changed my mindset and said it’s ok if they die, but I’m gonna put in more effort.

If you’re a plant newbie try buying 3 plants, if 1 survives you’re doing well :-)


4. Listen . Touch . Spray . Move . More Light . Less Light . Take Me Outside

Your plants will tell you what they need - you just need a moment to be present.

Wilting leaves - i’m thirsty.

Browning leaves - I need more nutrients. 

Don’t see new growth - give me light please.

Just like you need a change of energy, so do your plants.

Moving them around (especially as seasons    change) makes them happy.


5. Water is LIFE

Too much or too little will kill all living things - it’s all about balance.

It’s gonna take some time to get to know your plant and how much water it needs.

Study it for a few weeks, watch it and make adjustments.

PS You get bugs when they are overwatered - get a simple water meter; problem solved.


I haven’t been a plant mom long, I'm about 3 years in… What I have experienced with them in my short time of being their mom is that they fill my home with joy, fresh air, beauty and a rejuvenating energy.

It may seem like a lot, but honestly it takes just a few minutes a week. They become a part of your world and something that you enjoy seeing grow.  My few plants have now become 30+.  My husband can’t take me to Home Depot without the caveat of me saying “but you have to buy me a plant”, haaaaa


Sending you lots of good juju on your plant journey,

Rheena Mae

Plant Mom & Water Girl

You are life. Remember to water and nourish yourself with love and light. Shop Bloom Here

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