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Baby Buddha Statues - Pack of 6

Baby Buddha Statues - Pack of 6

MaeMae Jewelry

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Baby Buddhas embody inner peace; Happiness, Dreams, Peace, Trust, Prosperity, and Patience which are all essential foundations to the feeling as a whole.

You will find it easier to connect with these qualities and be reminded of your own Buddha nature. Put on your desk, nightstand, car, on altar, simply any space you want to fill with good energy. 

Let these best selling little friends serve as gentle reminders. But most importantly – are they not the cutest things you’ve seen?!

  • comes with Happy, Dream, Peace, Trust, Patience and Prosperity Buddha
  • buddha measures approximately 1.5" L x 1" W
  • multi-colored poly-resin figurine
  • packaged in a clear sleeve box with affirmations for each buddha
  • ps did you know that our packages are like the new cracker jack boxes, you never know what toy is going to be inside ;-)


Individual Baby Buddhas can be purchased here: Happy, Dream, PeaceTrust, Prosperity, Patience

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