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Becoming Opal Necklace

Becoming Opal Necklace

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Feeling:  This decadent golden necklace was intentionally designed with a sunburst medallion to represent the energy of the sun. Sun is life, positivity, clarity, and confidence - all needed on your journey of self expression and freedom to authentically live true to you! The iridescent Opal center wants to bring complete balance and harmony to your being. This gem has deep internal energy and encourages you not to shy away from yourself but to have the strength and the courage to look deep inside. The hexagon connector represents balance and stability as there are 6 perfect triangles formed within the shape - a universal symbol connected to harmony and feminine energy (just look at honeybees and their honeycombs) 

May This Piece Remind You  that you are not bound to the ideas of who you should be. You are the only one who can determine who you should be; in each moment YOU have the freedom to choose who you want to be and who you WILL become.


  • 16" necklace with 2" extender 14k gold filled chain w/ spring ring clasp
  • sunburst medallion with opal center  (little bigger than a quarter)
  • lead-free, hypoallergenic, can be worn in water
  • lovingly handmade in Los Angeles by real Angels


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