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I'm ever-changing. Always learning, becoming the best version of me every day. To be honest, sometimes I fail at being awesome. Lots of times I fall two notches below happy. But through my ups and downs the knowing that I AM ENOUGH keeps me going every day. 
Welcome to MaeMae Jewelry. It's the story of my life told through jewelry pieces on affirmation cards. If you're human, I'm sure you can relate. If you're breathing I'm sure you too have a story. My wish is that my story resonates with yours and together we can co-create in this lifetime.
As my title says, I am the Chief Believer in your Dreams.
Because... Why else are we here?
Smiling at you,
Rheena Mae
Chief Believer in Your Dreams
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Chain_Ring_Video_001 from MaeMae Jewelry on Vimeo.



Chain_Ring_Video_002 from MaeMae Jewelry on Vimeo.

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