We help you find your inner home - by checking in, and reconnecting with yourself daily through Manifesting Tools, Intentional Jewelry and Education. Our dream is for you to feel unwavering love, peace, and empowerment.

MaeMae Values:

Our belief system revolves around priortizing self-love! Putting on your oxygen mask first, and filling your cup daily so that you become SO good with who you are - that energy will translate and exude in every room you enter ✨

Origin Story:

Our Chief Happiness Officer and founder Rheena Mae started MaeMae in 2011 because of feeling emotionally constipated. What is that you ask? Growing up as a 1st generation Filipino American she wasn’t taught how to feel her emotions with safe outlets to express them. So all her life she just powered through and kept “doing” what she was supposed to not bothering to check in with herself along the way. But in 2011 she hit a breaking point - said enough’s enough and created her first piece called TRUST… From there the rest in history.

Our Dream For YOU:

Is that you have a sacred refuge, a place you call home. Realizing it has never left you, as it lives within you...
So that when the world feels heavy and dark, you can go inward and find comfort in the knowing that “this too shall pass.”
That you’re worthy of love, joy, and extraordinary experiences. That you are exactly where you are meant to be right here and now.


The ladies behind the jewelry you love and wear are the heart and soul of MaeMae. Our team is a DOPE group of angels, which is why every employee is a MaeMae Angel. Every time you buy MaeMae, you're supporting a BIPOC, female owned small business!

Lets be friends, actually lets be best friends. I promise to love on you!

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