MaeMae means “Little Sister” in Chinese, and it’s also our Founder Rheena Mae’s childhood nickname.

This loving “little sister energy” embodies our journey as a company, which started with Rheena making a necklace called “Trust” for her sister Rhea who was going through a difficult breakup at the time. 

Seeing how that thoughtful gift helped her sister, Rheena Mae felt the power in affirmation jewelry and created our "I Am Enough" bracelet for her self.  Soon enough, she decided to start MaeMae Jewelry and share these incredible tools with more people.

Now, along with her co-owner, Heidi Linnebach, MaeMae has over 125 different affirmations to offer, and remains committed to creating Jewelry that Loves you Back!    

Spreading Love is who we are and why we do what we do.

Our dream is that once you experience MaeMae for the first time, you’ll be inspired to be a “MaeMae” to someone else…allowing your heartfelt gifts to create a ripple of love expanding through you to others.  

"MaeMae's" are Angels

MaeMae is the little sister who reminds you how dope you are, the sister who listens to your feelings without judgement, gives you a smile or hug right when you need it, the sister who loves you unconditionally and wants to see you living a life full of purpose, freedom and bold self expression. 

PS - it all starts with being a MaeMae to yourself!

Loving yourself requires daily practice

Our vision is that it’s an Experience every time you wear (or gift!) a MaeMae.  

We want to help you create moments of affirmation, of acceptance, of sharing love - every day.

P.S.  You are enough.

MaeMae’s are handmade with love.

MaeMae Jewelry is born & raised in Los Angeles, CA, but we are growing into an International company as more and more people catch the feels.

If there’s something you want that you don’t see here, tell us about it!  

Some of our best pieces were inspired by MaeMae’s like you. xoxo

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