Jewelry That Loves You Back

Our jewelry is designed with intent - spreading energy when need it most.

Happy or Sad - MaeMae Jewelry Wants to Love on You!

Life is filled with ups and downs. At MaeMae, we understand and accept these energetic changes and it's a key focus of our design process. MaeMae handcrafts jewelry with intention, feeling and energy. Our delicate jewelry is more than a beautiful accessory - it empowers you by supporting the positive energy you need most in your life today. Take a moment to explore which jewelry pieces meet your energetic and emotional needs.

Browse by feelings using the curated selections below:





Feeling Worried & Stressed

Times of worry and stress are normal (although perhaps occurring a bit too often these days). That's why MaeMae curated this collection of delicately designed jewelry pieces, crystals and other affirming items - to awaken feelings of peace and acceptance within a troubled soul.

Feeling Inspired

Looking for your next idea? Perhaps you have a big project coming up, or you feel like celebrating the creative genius you are. Our Inspired Collection is uniquely designed delicate jewelry, authentic crystals and other gifts all designed to focus your glorious inspirational energy.

Feeling Empowered

MaeMae's Empowered Collection is specifically designed to help you lean into your positive feelings and fuel your empowered energy. Whether it's for you, or a gift for someone else, we love to see you claim that power and spread the good vibes far and wide!

Feeling Vibrant & Alive

Isn't it great to be alive?! Celebrate your beautiful life, breathe deep and build on all the vibrant energy flowing in your world. MaeMae spreads good JuJu by creating jewelry with meaning, and our Vibrant & Alive jewelry collection is filled with delicate rings, bracelets, necklaces and more - all designed with elements that draw in and expand upon those positive, vibrant feelings.

Feeling Lost & Scared

It's easy to get lost in the shuffle or worn out from the daily grind. Life can unexpectedly throw us into a tailspin, leading to feelings of being lost and scared. MaeMae created a collection of jewelry to help accept and redirect those feelings. From rings to necklaces, each piece is a specific combination of materials and affirmations to boost you or a loved one through these energetic low points.

Feeling Loved

One of the most beautiful parts of the human experience is giving and receiving love.  But, all of us experience times when we need to be reminded that we are Loved.  Whether for a lover, a friend or a family member, our Loved Collection is packed full of sweet, loving juju!  Choose from delicate jewelry pieces, greeting cards and crystals specially chosen to enhance feelings of love.

Feeling Sad & Blue

Your down times are a part of the rollercoaster that is life. Depending on the cause, it can take time and energy to move forward. MaeMae's Sad & Blue jewelry collection was created to help focus that positive energy needed during these tougher times to allow you to move beyond back to the best possible positive version of you.