Custom Gifts

sometimes the moment calls for a personalized touch....


I wanted a gift for my best friend after her father passed away, so I called MaeMae and they created a thoughtful, intuitive and powerful piece of jewelry for me to give her.  When she got it, she called me immediately - crying.  Opening that gift allowed her to release all the pent up grief she'd been holding onto, and reminded her that she was not alone  Thank you, MaeMae.


After years of IVF, when we had our first baby, it was a moment to celebrate!  So, to express gratitude, we asked MaeMae to create a set of bracelets for us.  We shared our birth months, our unique challenges and like magic - Oila!  They created a coordinating set of 3 healing stone bracelets - each one uniquely designed for each of us.  My husband, daughter and I wear them every day.


Whichever size or style you like to rock...We got you!

Customize yo' MaeMae