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MaeMae believes in the power of gifts to uplift a person's spirit, to encourage and celebrate, to open one's heart. And since all of our pieces are hand-crafted with oodles of love and intention, they will love their MaeMae (and their MaeMae will love on them!).

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Anniversary Gifts

Love is a many splendored thing, and if you're blessed enough to have it in your life, then please, treat it with care! Each anniversary with someone you love is a gift in and of itself, and MaeMae LOVES being part of your celebration. Find romantic gifts, sentimental jewelry and thoughtful cards in this curated Anniversary Collection.

Birthday Gifts

Another turn around the sun, another day to celebrate being alive! Let them know what a gift they are to you by choosing a positive, inspiring and thoughtful gift to mark the occasion - delicate necklaces, stone bracelets, dainty chain rings, crystals galore and the cutest birthday cards to top it all off!

Corporate Gifting

You spend so much time with your co-workers and clients, so naturally you want to feed that environment with good energy, encouragement and prosperity! MaeMae's corporate gift collection is full of thoughtful tokens of appreciation, like cord bracelets, Thank You cards and crystals aligned with the energy of abundance.

Friendship Gifts

A good friend is a lifesaver in difficult times and a cheerleader in the great ones! Regardless of the season, it's always a good time to tell your friends they are loved. MaeMae's friendship bracelets, dainty necklaces and thoughtful greeting cards are all you'll need to tell her how much she means to you.

Graduation Gifts

Graduation is a big milestone in a person's life.  It signifies the completion of a chapter, and the hopeful beginning to a new life.  Ahead lies new challenges, opportunities, friends and adventures.

 Tell the graduate in your life that you support them, you're cheering for them and you believe in them with one of these meaningful jewelry gifts.

Mother Daughter Gifts

MaeMae is obsessed with Mom, is there anything better in the whole wide world?

Get matching bracelets or coordinating mother daughter necklaces, so you can both carry a reminder of your special bond - whether you're physically near each other or not. P.S. MaeMae's curated selection of Mother Daughter gifts is also a great place for Dad to start his search for Mother's Day gifts.

Sympathy Gifts

It's hard to know what to say when someone you love is going through a difficult time - whether it's the loss of a loved one, an unexpected cancer diagnosis or the general upheaval of life as they know it - MaeMae curated this collection or affirmation jewelry, thoughtful gifts and greeting cards with a Spirit of understanding, kindness and loving support. Sometimes, simply telling them you are there is enough.

Wedding Gifts

MaeMae's Bridesmaids Collection gives the bride a chance to choose personalized affirmation cards for each bridesmaid along with a gorgeous dainty bracelet or meaningful necklace. We've also included some of our favorite pieces for the bride to wear on her special day - something blue, something new and all made with Love.

Greeting Cards

MaeMae's hand-selected greeting cards are designed to make hearts melt and brighten days. Add a thoughtful card to any gift, and we will even hand-write a note to them on your behalf.

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MaeMae Gift Cards

Sometimes the best gift is the freedom to choose for yourself what you want! MaeMae Gift Cards are digital and easy to send to whomever needs more of this good juju in their lives.

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