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The MaeMae Dream

Imagine walking into a space and a soothing sensation of beautiful aromas engulfs you, opens your heart and instantly lets you know that you’re gonna go on a journey… Reading a message, knowing you were supposed to hear it that day.

A smile on your face, a wink in your eye and the feeling of being hugged and being loved so hard that it makes you cry.

Good thing we’re big dreamers at MaeMae because we imagined all of the above and guess what… the universe conspired and put all that love into our hearts to be able to serve you.

Welcome to MaeMae - a safe space to be your magical self and feel all the feelings.

Founded by our Chief Alchemist, Rheena Mae in 2011

3125 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90039

The MaeMae Angels...

Our MaeMae Angels are simply magic! Our team is female run and owned. We combine all our gifts together to #MakeMagicMoves.

Our dream is to create a space you can play in and connect to your higher, most awesomest goddess self!