New! Water Is Life Collection

Life is like water flowing through ups and down, easier times, difficulties and joyous occasions. Our newest collection of dainty jewelry accented by stones, pearls and aquamarine celebrates the flow that is your life.

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From delicate hoop earrings, to dainty threader styles, our gold and silver earrings selection is HAUT. Look amazing+ add some extra protection, luck or good juju with our delicate earrings designed for any style and occasion!

Who We Are

We are love. We love our customers, we love what we do and most of all we love being a brand created to support you in your times of need or triumph! Our goal is to be a brand you can count on - to always be in your corner. We want to heal the world one jewelry piece at a time - because who doesn't need some extra love these days?

Woman-owned - heart-centered, soft, compassionate

Owned by women, but focused on healing the world. We want to create and represent jewelry that add positivity to every person's life and the world.


We design & choose our products specifically with the intention of spreading love. It is the basis for our little brand and the bond we create with every customer. Learn more about our inentional delicate jewelry designs.

MaeMae Jewelry customers are drawn to the stories and positive affirmation our handcrafted modern delicate jewelry embodies.


(from your heart for their spirit)

Beyond dainty jewelry designed with intention and love, MaeMae carries healing stones for any need as well as specialty hearfelt gifts for your any occasion.

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Shop by Feelings

MaeMae designs jewelry from a place of feeling first, and we organized the site so you can find the pieces that reflect how your feeling right now.  Here are a few of the feelings-based collections you can shop

Feeling Lucky

Luck is not random but comes through everyday when you recognize it. We have designed delicate jewelry incorporating lucky talismans and materials sourced from around the world.

Lucky Ideas
Feeling Worried & Stressed

Being worried or stressed is a natural, necessary feeling. Our Worried & Stressed jewelry collection was created to help you be in the now and work through your worries.

Support Worries & Stress
Feeling Loved

There are any number of ways to feel loved, be loved and give love. Our gifts are perfect whether its sibling love, romantic, or just sharing love with your tribe.

Love On You

MaeMae Chain Rings

Our chain rings are dainty, comfortable and perfectly stackable. From a night on the town, to every day wear, MaeMae Chain Rings are designed for any style and perfect for any occasion.

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Featured Collections

Our collections are created specifically to support and help you through life's journeys. Whether you are looking for spiritual alignment, protection or a delicate stone bracelet - you can always look to MaeMae Jewelry for a comforting jewelry accessory.

Align Your Chakras

Looking for spritual alignment? MaeMae created an entire 7 Chakras jewelry collection focused on helping align yourself.

Get Aligned
Birthstone Jewelry

Your birthstone is a part of you as an individual. Our wide selection of dainty birthstone jewelry is perfect for any style and occasion.

Shop Your Stone
Evil Eye Jewelry

During these times, protecting yourself is always important. MaeMae Evil Eye jewelry collection are small items created to help protect you.

Protect Ya Neck
What's Your Sign?

Your Zodiac sign is as unique as your fingerprint. MaeMae has a wide range of dainty zodiac jewelry: earrings, to rings to necklaces and more.

Shop Zodiac
Healing Stone Jewelry

Healing stone jewelry can help you through the big or little times in your life. From positive energy to protection, to relief and more.

Heal Yourself
Genuine Stone Bracelets

MaeMae handcrafts unique genuine stone bracelets in a wide range of stone materials. Each bracelet is hand made with purpose.

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