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Threader Earrings, stacking rings and layered necklaces that are made with intention.

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MaeMae designs and crafts our dainty necklaces with a clean, modern style. Delicate layering necklaces, chakra necklaces, evil eye protection necklaces - our gold, silver and healing stone styles are made to love you back.

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While many customers come to MaeMae for our delicate chain rings, we offer a wide range of ring designs to fit any style. From stacking rings, to chain rings, to birthstone rings - MaeMae offers style with feeling.

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Earring styles say alot about the person. MaeMae earrings include dainty climber earrings, our delicate threader earrings and stylish dangle earrings with natural crystals.

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Stud Earrings

Classic stud earrings never go out of style. MaeMae Jewelry carries those as well as studs with a bit more flare. A subtle accessory to support your style, mood and feelings.

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From friendship bracelets, to stone bracelets, to evil eye protection bracelets - MaeMae Jewelry's bracelet designs are made to last. Pick from material options such as 14K gold-filled, Sterling silver, stone beads or rope bracelets.

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Anklets are an often overlooked accessory, usually gaining attention during the warm months. MaeMae's delicate anklets can be worn with any outfit to help you feel sexy and adorned in love.

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Handcrafted Jewelry with Love.

All of the jewelry that MaeMae creates is designed and handcrafted in Los Angeles, California. We focus on providing the best possible product, clean and modern designs as well as uplifting energy with every piece. Concerned about fit? Don't worry - each piece we sell is can be custom sized as needed and we guarantee the quality of each piece 100%. Browse our current selection online, and if you have something specific in mind, contact us to create custom jewelry piece. We can't wait for you to add MaeMae to your collection.

Jewelry With Feeling

We know sometimes the jewelry piece you are looking for is hard to describe. Or in other cases it is completely based on feeling and mood. We understand the importance of a quality ring, earring or necklace and how the energy of that piece can impact you as you wear it. Every MaeMae jewelry piece is thoughtfully handcrafted to focus on a supporting a mood or energy.

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Why 14K Gold Fill

This is an common question and the answer quite simply is its the best of both worlds. Solid pure gold jewelry not only costs a lot, it is easily damaged due to its softness. Gold plated jewelry is strong, but the gold plating is extremely thin and tends to wear off easily. 14K Gold Filled jewelry is a thicker wrapping of Gold around jewlers brass. The combination of the gold and brass offers more durable jewelry pieces, lower cost than pure gold and the gold will never wear off like gold plated. It is the ideal working material to create gold jewelry for every day wear.

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