MaeMae Maevens

Our loyalty program for our loyal customers.

What Makes Maeven Rewards Special?

We created MaeMae Maevens Rewards as a way that all of our loyal customers can continue to stay energetically positive and grow with every purchase! Not only do you earn through purchasing, but Maevens rewards you for activities you take part in on our site including: Birthdays, signing up for our newsletter, following us on social media and more!

Multiple Ways to Earn Coins

We designed Maevens Rewards to make it easy for you to earn our Lucky Coin rewards! Here are all the ways you can earn and save!

- Each Dollar Spent earns you 4 Lucky Coins.
- Get 200 Lucky Coins when you create an account
- Gain 200 Lucky Coins Every Birthday
- Earn 50 Lucky Coins by following MaeMae on Instagram

With more ways to earn being added all the time!

Multiple Ways To Redeem

We are always looking at new ways for you to redeem your Maeven Lucky Coins. Currently we have three ways to redeem your coins: Dollar Off Discount, 15% off Discount and 25% off Discount. Check back in the future as we will continue to grow our fledgling program!

Maeven Luck Coin Redemption Offers

100 Coins

For every 100 Maeven Lucky Coins you earn you can redeem them for $1 off your purchase - no minimum purchase! Have 500 coins? Get $5 off your next purchase - and so on! It's the easiest way to redeem your rewards - ever! :)

1000 Coins

Once you have earned 1000 coins, you now have the option to redeem your Lucky Coins for 15% OFF your next $50+ order! While you can still redeem for $10 off, we upped the ante to give you a little more bang for your reward coins! :) :)

1600 Coins

Our top tier Lucky Coin Redemption is still easily attainable! Earn 1600 Lucky Coins and you have the option to redeem for 25% OFF Your next $75+ order! We wanted to make sure you felt rewarded for your support of MaeMae! :) :) :)

MaeMae Maevens Reward program is powered by SMILE customer rewards. Learn More Here.