Title of Job:  Operations Guru for growing Minority Woman-Owned Business

Location:  Atwater Village, Los Angeles

Pay Range:  $30 - $45K

Position Description:  

In a land not so far away called Atwater Village there’s a magical brand called MaeMae Jewelry - she’s looking for a kind, driven, retail operations superstar to help her spread her wings and fly.  A very important person to the team you are*… (*said in a Yoda voice obviously).  

You have experience managing manufacturing and/or inventory for a growing company - creating systems and organizing processes are what you were born to do.  You love using your graceful communication skills and laser focus to keep everyone moving forward in a positive direction.  Making a list and crossing things off it gives you a sweet adrenaline rush.  

You dream of sharing your gifts with a dynamic team for a brand that makes a positive impact on everyone it touches.  Dreams do come true, so if the shoe fits, please apply!

Major Areas of Responsibility: 

  • Manage the manufacturing process and coordinate jewelry maker staffing needs
  • Master of Inventory - has the ability to keep the store and production stocked in flow
  • Shine in day-to-day communications with customers in-person and online
  • Manage the Retail Store ensuring a warm, welcoming environment for customers
  • Oversee online order fulfillment
  • Manage wholesale order fulfillment and coordinate internally to meet their needs

Primary Objectives:

  • Maintain a fun, nonjudgmental and loving feeling between MaeMae and our customers that builds loyalty and makes them keep coming back
  • Organize & streamline manufacturing process for MaeMae’s growth goals
  • Create systems for optimal inventory management across all platforms
  • Build automations to address common customer service inquiries
  • Bring your savvy and initiative to a jewelry and gifts company so we can scale gracefully

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Streamline manufacturing process 
        • capable of building a system to better meet manufacturing demands
        • oversee staffing needs (i.e. report if we need more or less)
        • manage supply needs and provide quarterly and monthly order requests to Rheena
        • quality control - ensuring everything is on par with MaeMae standards
      • Oversee ordering of all inventory 
        • project inventory needs for store, online, amazon and wholesale based on season trends, historical sales figures and projected growth
        • manage jewelry makers’ weekly production list based on inventory needs
        • ensure Amazon inventory is stocked
  • Manage the retail store
        • Open/Close Tues - Sat
        • Restock inventory on the floor
        • Customer service & sales
        • Report on store inventory needs to Heidi monthly
        • Help with merchandising and window design as needed
  • Own online order fulfillment & customer service
        • fulfill orders (online)
        • gracefully handle customer service inquiries on all platforms; Tidio chat, etsy, shopify, Amazon 
        • Streamline and improve automations for customer service (emails, faq’s, etc.)
  • Coordinate wholesale orders
      • input invoices in Quickbooks
      • communicate with clients to collect payment
      • fill orders

    Job Requirements:

    • Organized and process-oriented
    • Excellent writing & email communication skills
    • Kind and warm, yet direct verbal communication
    • Bad Ass with Excel and Google Docs
    • Comfortable with web-based softwares, i.e. Slack, Asana, etc
    • You take initiative to create systems that will make everyone’s life easier

    Education and Experience:

    • Experience in Retail Sales or Customer Service 
    • Jewelry or Fashion Brand Experience Preferred 
    • Experience with Manufacturing/Inventory Management
    • Business Operations education or experience preferred
    • Must Speak Spanish 

    Work Environment:

    We listen to 90’s hip-hop and R&B, have spontaneous dance and karaoke parties in our store, and are embraced on a daily basis by the love and energy of our wonderful customers (from a distance of course). We are looking for an awesome human to apply their unique experience and organized perspective to help us scale our business.  We’re a small, dynamic, positive group…but, we’re growing fast and processes haven’t been our strong suit.  We’re ready to level up!

    The job will require physical presence at our flagship retail store in Atwater Village 5 days a week and we are looking for someone who speaks Spanish fluently.  The role will require some light physical effort at times - filling orders, moving furniture and displays around, packing/unpacking boxes, organizing, etc., so candidate must be able to perform those functions.