Dainty Jewelry Designs

Clean, modern jewelry styles with meaning.
14K Gold Filled Styles

The versatility of 14K Gold Filled as a jewelers material allows for a wide range of styles and delicate yet durable designs to be created From dainty chain rings to threader earrings to delicate necklaces - MaeMae can create unique energetic jewelry that can stand up to every day wear and tear.

Sterling Silver Styles

Not everyone is attracted to gold. To compliment our gold jewelry styles, MaeMae also offers a wide range of Sterling Silver designs. From Silver rings, to dainty necklaces, to delicate earrings, bracelets and anklets, we hope to become your next favorite jewelry piece.

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Align Your Chakras

At MaeMae we believe what you wear can play an important role in supporting your energy and feelings. Because of this, we mindfully design all of our jewelry to help support you in being your best self - always. Our Chakra Jewelry and Gifts are meant to keep you open and flowing! Chakra gifts come in a variety of options including necklaces, bracelets, anklets, crystals and even incense burners.

Evil Eye Protection

Good Juju is always important - especially in these days and times. That's why MaeMae created an entire collection of Evil Eye Protection Jewelry. Our Evil Eye Rings, Evil Eye Necklaces, and Evil Eye Bracelets will help you ward off the negative so you can accept the positive.

Healing Stone Styles

Sometimes you need extra energetic assistance, and MaeMae believes Mother Nature is the best medicine. That's why we use natural stones in our jewelry and carry a variety of genuine crystals - all hand-selected to let you to tap into the frequencies of love, peace and joy.

Swarovski + CZ

Looking for a bit more bling in your style? Check out MaeMae's Swarovski and Cubic Zirconia jewelry designs for that extra sparkle. As with all of our jewelry designs, great care is taken to balance clean modern design with energetic and healing intentions to boost positive energy.

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Pearl Jewelry

For a more classic look and feel, MaeMae also offers Pearl Jewelry designs. We typically use shell pearls for a consistent, gorgeous yet affordable vibe. Our Pearl Jewelry items include the best0selling Mom Necklace, dainty bracelets and chain rings to suit all ages and styles.

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