What our clients are saying...

"Jewelry for me is a personal statement. Coming across MaeMae was such a joy because everything has a meaning and story. I bought the "I am Priceless" bracelet and haven't taken it off ever since. I enjoy the idea of wearing something handmade and has a personal story and journey behind it. A piece of jewelry should be a conversation piece and a lot of MaeMae merchandise stands behind this...It also makes great gift choices because it's personal and besides that, a lot of their stuff is stylish! I love them!

Walter H. - Los Angeles, CA


Walked into Mae Mae looking for a gift for a co-worker. I had heard great things about the designer. Met Mae Mae today and she is amazing! Upbeat, positive and genuinely interested in her customers.
I bought one of the hair tie bangles as the birthday gift and can't wait to give it to  my co-worker. 
I like that they have cute gift bags so I don't have to buy any wrapping paper and the gift is good to give!

Joy D. - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA


Mae Mae is the absolute greatest, and her designs are unparalleled. Each piece is so unique and gorgeous, and endowed with meaning. Her team is comprised of the coolest, most talented women. I've never experienced jewelry that fits so perfectly before now. Can't wait to go back and add to my collection!

Laura H. - Los Angeles, CA


Thank you so much!  Ordered 2 necklaces and it came in the mail the very next day along with a very lovely handwritten personalized note.  Keep spreading that positivity and love! Following you guys on IG so I can stay up to date on your designs.

Sandy L. - Huntington Beach, CA


I first discovered Maemae Jewelry at the SoCo Vegan festival, and I absolutely LOVE the jewelry. Its super cute, discreet and unique. I loved how every piece of jewelry had a meaning behind it. The owner is super lovely and uplifting, and you can tell she puts her heart and soul into making good quality jewelry and the thought that goes behind it. This is my husband's go to for every birthday and Christmas present! I'm slowly collecting the jewelry, and my favorite pieces that I own so far are the "everything happens for a reason" necklace and the seven charm bracelet! Also the quality is AMAZING! I wear my necklace most days and it still looks brand new. Highly recommend!

Josette M. - Newport Beach, CA


Absolutely love coming to MaeMae Jewelry! It's better than going to Tiffany's. Rheena and all the ladies are fantastic and it always feels like we're hanging out at a girlfriend's house (who just happens to have awesome jewelry). All the pieces come with an inspiring message and there is just such a wonderful energy in the store overall. When I leave I always feel like I can take on the world. All the pieces are beautiful & made with such high quality. Own many pieces of MaeMae and have gifted many to friends. Some have loved the pieces so much they cried. Will definitely keep coming back!

Joanne C. - Los Angeles, CA


All I can say is this is Jewelry makes my heart happy! All the jewelry has meaning to it and made with so much love you can feel it! Great quality on top of excellent customer service. Simple yet elegant but powerful jewelry. Best gifts I have ever given to women and men!

Rhea B. - West Covina, CA


Quality products and cutest jewelry pieces ever hand-made. And to top it off best customer service by Mae Mae and her amazing staff. If you are ever in need of a unique and thoughtful gift you cannot go wrong by coming here! Heck, while your at it, you might as well treat yourself and grab a few pieces of your own. To be honest I was a little hesitant to share this fabulous hidden gem. But I can assure you that all of Mae Mae's jewelry are quality and so comfortable wearing. This is my go to boutique when I am in need of that thoughtful not breaking the bank but super cute personalized kind of gift ( rings, bracelets, necklaces) If you also have a little one, there are also some special adorable pieces. I cannot say enough of how happy I am with all the jewelry pieces I already own (and do not take off) especially all the others I have gifted to family and friends. Now if only I could grow more fingers and limbs to rock more Mae Mae jewelry!!!

Arlene C. - Irvine, CA


I love Mae Mae jewelry!  I have bought many pieces for myself but have also have given them as gifts, and they are always a hit!  The staff is so friendly and helpful, even when I take a long time to pick something out, they remain patient and cheerful!  I love that!  I also really like that each piece has a meaning behind it.  The cards that are with the jewelry are just as important!  It really helps me think about what I want in my life or what I'm wishing for others.  If you have never been, you should definitely stop in.  You won't be disappointed!

Marni H. - Los Angeles, CA


All I can say is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!! I love Mae Mae !!! Everything has so much meaning from Mae Mae and you have the best service ever!! When it comes to gifts with a heartfelt touch of happiness my family and I order from Mae Mae..

Emiko H. - Palm Desert, CA