How to Know You're Going Through a Spiritual Awakening

How to Know You're Going Through a Spiritual Awakening

Hello sweet friend!  

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life, lol. I’m so happy you landed on this page because if you were anything like me you’re seeking for answers about why all this weird stuff is happening to you.

I’m here to tell ya that;

YES all of it is real, 

YES it keeps happening in different phases for a while

YES there is a reason you’re going through all of this

YES you were meant to go on this journey, your spirit is leading you to new experiences 

YES crying is completely normal

YES hibernating is also normal

YES you will continuously have new normals

NO, you’re not crazy

Just when you enter one phase, get the hang of it, a new one hits ya.  For example, have you been seeing repeat #’s or patterns like 11:11 or 4:44?  The spirits are trying to get your attention. They are saying, “yo i’m here with you, trust us…”  

From there you probably have lots of boo boo coming up. Stuff from the past, old relationships, the breakdown of current ones, unresolved anger that you chalked up to “i’m just like this” and memories that you totally forgot about but for some reason needed to resurface.

Dealing with death is also associated with the process.  Whether it’s someone in the physical life that’s passed on or the death of who you thought you were, death is death and grieving happens regardless.  (this shit is painful, toughAF, vulnerableAF - it’s a big part of the work spirit wants you to go through)

Once the grieving process is over it turns into sparks of joy that radiate from your aura in ways you didn’t even know existed. You can breath easier, carry less on your shoulders and solidify a new relationship with yourself that gives you permission to always tell yourself the truth and know that the other part of yourself will always get you through it.

Oftentimes, as we celebrate, waves will still hit us (me: but we thought we were done with it, spirit says, sike!!!) and bring us back into cocoon mode. Don’t think you’re moving backwards, there are just a few more things you needed to learn (like getting into the same cycle with a partner - like your thought you were over being like this but, nope)

Some may also have their gifts heightened during this time and you may feel wobbly because you haven’t used them. But don’t worry - be patient with yourself, it’s like a superhero getting their super power for the first time. Spiderman was not great at aiming his webs the first go arounds so don’t expect yourself to shoot straight right away.

Some of you will realize that you have been living life on standards that aren’t even your own. You will start to shed “things” and bring into your life people, places and things that bring you joy and make you feel alive

Don’t be surprised if you become a plant or animal person either. When spirit breaths into you and you allow it, you can’t help but wanna pay the love forward.

Don’t be surprised if your drawn to magical things and start saging your house, talking about your chakras, wear loose flowing dresses or have a sudden interest in crystals and all things mythical. These are all just tools to help you on your way.

The journey of a spiritual awakening is different for everyone. Some are private, some are public about it.  Some have it in their 20’s others in their 50’s.  There’s no right time or right way to have one. It happens when it happens, and when it does it’s a miracle on earth that you are witness and participant too. 

Don’t feel the need to explain it to anyone. The right people will know and stay in your lives. The perfect people will just show up at the perfect place every time. Whether its a 10-minute conversation with the lady sitting next to you at the coffee shop or long interlude with a childhood friend, spirit knows what’s up and knows what you need.  

A spiritual awakening is very powerful, sometimes scary and often times exhausting. During this time be the best friend you can be to yourself. Be there when times get hard and be the person fist pumping when light shines in.  Hold your hand through all of this, hold still and feel the beauty on the other side. Rest when you need to rest and don’t judge yourself for falling asleep at 8pm or being wide awake at 5am. Once again, spirit knows what it’s doing and sometimes it needs you awake at weird times, lol.

I promise you the only thing that you can count on is that you are gonna be there for you and when you honor that the ride seems way less bumpy.

Here at MaeMae we are all experiencing our own spiritual awakenings right now and feel all the things y’all are feeling. We created this place as a safe haven for our feelings and invite you to come and share the love. We promise to hug and love on you throughout your journey and never judge you for the way you're feeling.

Thank you for reading this sweet friend!




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