Inspiration for the new Spring Collection

Inspiration for the new Spring Collection

When I think about MOM I think about the magic in her ability to give life. Moms are the entire foundation of our human existence. Without them, there would be no us.

When I think about MOM I also think about Mother Earth…
She is the foundation and the reason we can have life at all. She is the MOM to every mom and living being on this planet, and without her, there would be no US.

This collection is dedicated to the ROOT and FOUNDATION - the MOM of all MOM’s…

Her energy grounds us in unconditional LOVE (she never asks for anything in return).
Her energy is the guiding force in US being able to be who we are.
Her energy is pure vibrational ABUNDANCE magic that is never lacking.


You Deserve All the Flowers
 Flowers die - this piece can last forever... Gift it to yourself or a loved one to let them know that their love is priceless and limitless. May this flower agate fill your heart with the most bouquet energy you've ever felt. Allow it to hug and remind you that you are so soooo loved.
Flower Agate Crystal Necklace Dainty Necklace Flower Agate Crystal Necklace | You Deserve All the Flowers


You Were Meant to Fly
A lot like us, caterpillars don’t know what’s coming their way next… Yet they listen to their intuition, go within and allow death & rebirth to take place. Trust the process sweet spirit - your wings are powerful and wanna take you wherever you wanna go.
Butterfly Crystal Necklace Dainty Necklace Butterfly Crystal Necklace | You Were Meant to Fly


Your Feelings Matter
Leaves communicate their needs - drooping when needing water, turning yellow when too much. They don’t hide, don’t minimize. Channel the energy of this leaf, rub the ish’ outta it and allow your feelings to flow. 



Dear Mom... I Miss You
May this butterfly crystal remind you that no matter where you are, what you're doing, or how you're feeling, MOM is ALWAYS with you. 


Wear this collection knowing that you are made from PURE LOVE:
the love of MOM,
the love of MOTHER EARTH,
the love of every living being created from the same energy SOURCE as YOU.

They serve as beautiful reminders that you have the ability to plug into that wisdom at ANY TIME. She will always be there to comfort you, give you water, and provide life-breathing air that fills your body with peace, love and HOPE!

Welcome to MaeMae - she really is the JEWELRY that loves you back
Handmade by real angels
Thoughtfully co-created with spirit
Magically energized with the most loving intentions to help you manifest the life you deserve.

Sending you all my love,

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