Mark of Growth

Birthdays are anniversaries of your existence to this world. That the day you were born, the universe blessed you with the power to impact the world. Unfortunately, the universe didn't exactly send out a blueprint in what the power is or how to use it, so it becomes a goal to find it! As we continue to grow, we learn so many things of the world around us as well as the world within ourselves.
We made a birthstone collection to dedicate to each person in this world. In every person lies a unique strength and purpose. The birth month gemstone necklace complements the wearer as it is believed that it helps align them in their path.
Happy Birthday August Babies! )
Whenever our birthday comes around, we often think about the looming years-- how old we’ve aged and how many years we’ve been in this earth. In reality, birthdays are meant as milestones. Think of how far you’ve come, the lessons you learned in your journey, the lives you’ve impacted. They are yearly marks of growth meant to be remembered. So let's eat cake and celebrate the spark that lightened up the universe-- you!
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