October 21, 2019 4 Comments

Have you ever felt like you wake up, do the same thing and start all over the next day?

The monotony of life has made me start to feel like I'm on my own hamster wheel. The reality of life keeps hitting harder and some days I find myself spinning out of control. It's hard to feel good when you think sucky thoughts.

I've been trapped in my own mind for months now. Some days finding it hard to breathe, while others just merrily strolling along with a smile on my face but a secret pang in my heart.

For the longest time, I felt bad for feeling bad. For the longest time, I didn't know how to tell anyone that my life felt stuck, lonely and boring.

I was the "successful" one who shouldn't complain or doubt myself. I was the one people came to cheer up...But the truth is that my sail doesn't feel that way, at least not today.

I'm sharing this because I'm sure you too have a down day, month or even year.
I'm sharing because I want you too to have the courage, to be honest with yourself and it's ok to not be ok...

I know that I'm gonna feel better someday soon when I don't know.

But what I do know that makes me feel better when I feel this way is to express my feelings and not hide it inside. (ps this doesn't mean you need to express it publicly, but if you can be honest with yourself that's the best start)

Even though my insides may feel shitty, my heart is still full of love and on this day I want to share it with your heart.

Thank you for allowing me space to vulnerable.

Holding space for you,
Rheena Mae

ps. Shoutout to our friends at Roselium for understanding the magic of MaeMae and being able to hold space for us in the midst of the darkness so we can be open to share our light!

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Laura Michele Rosenfeld
Laura Michele Rosenfeld

October 29, 2019

you are my new guru!! ..and you design pretty jewelry too so what could be more ideal?!?!? ;)~ love laughter and enlightenment..xoxox laura michele<3 and her little furry sidekick barty🐾 🤓

Barbara koff
Barbara koff

October 29, 2019

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.life is beauty admire it.life is a dream , realize it .life is a challenge, meet it.life is a duty , complete it.life is a game, play it.life is a promise, fulfill it.life is sorrow, overcome it.life is a song , sing it.life is a struggle, accept it.life is a tragedy confront it.life is an adventure, dare it.life is luck, make it.life is too precious ,do not destroy it.life is life fight for it! Mother Teresa

Barbara koff
Barbara koff

October 29, 2019

Trust in the lord with all your heart….In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths !

Brenda Steele
Brenda Steele

October 29, 2019

Three years ago, while taking a very early morning walk, I stopped to look in your store windows. I was intrigued by the designs as well as what each represented but all I could do was look because you weren’t open at 6 a.m.! Several days later I was able to actually stop in to look at all the wonders you had created. I was warmly greeted by you. We chatted and chatted while I picked out a special gift for my daughter. I just had to have something more, so chose a bracelet much like the one I had chosen for my daughter. She liked her bracelet so much she bought others for her friends. Every time I come to Atwater Village to visit family I stop in to see what’s new as well as to visit with you and/or the young ladies who work for you. You have created a special on-of-a-kind of place, a nugget where those who enter feel love and kindness. You are a gift!

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