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Going Through a Break Up - Read This, It May Actually Make You Feel Better...

If you’re going through a break-up 

           READ THIS

Let’s be honest…

You’re gonna social media stalk him, that’s ok.

You’re gonna think about texting him all the time, and if you do… it’s ok.

You’re gonna cry, like a lot, maybe every day for a while… that’s ok too.

There is no right way to act to when your heart is broken.

There’s no right way to be when your best friend isn’t around anymore.

There’s also no right way to be when you sleep alone every night, 

because let’s be honest, cuddling for 1 kinda sucks.

Let yourself feel, it’s totally ok…

You don’t have to be a badass all the time or fake like it doesn’t hurt.

That shit hurts and may sting for a while.

Are you gonna be ok?  Honestly, I don’t know.  

But you’re here now, so don’t let yourself suffer any longer…

Feel the pain,

Give yourself permission to feel the hurt,

It will pass, 


who knows

Don’t make yourself feel bad about it.

Relationship break-up is some of the worst pain anyone can feel.

Give yourself the courage to acknowledge you and your emotions.

After that:

  • Pray
  • Eat well
  • Drink yummy things
  • Talk non-sense with your hommies

Then if you feel like going home and having a cry, do that too.

Grieving the loss of a loved one has no set time for your emotions to heal,

Do you,

Be you,

And don’t sweat your friends saying the following:


You’re gonna find someone else who’s a better match

(bitch I already know that)


You’re better off without him

(why you gotta rub it in)


He was no good anyway

(you want me to punch you now or later)


Truth is… I feel lonely…

The kind of alone that makes your heart hurt so much 
it makes tears run down your face.

The kind of alone that feels lonely, 

sometimes afraid and lots of times asks why…

If you were my friend this is the prayer I would send to your heart:

May she find peace in the quietest moments, like when she’s on the toilet

May she find the courage to wake up and brush her teeth

May she wipe her tears knowing that she will soon smile again

And may silent pangs of hope breathe into her heart

God, my friends an amazing person…

May you give her the strength to feel what she needs to feel knowing 

that life is happening in perfect timing

This I pray, Amen

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