Secrets of Transition

Secrets of Transition

Self-reflection is something we often tend to do, but more times than not we catch ourselves in the same place. We are restless beings designed to change, and so the idea of feeling stuck is preposterous. We question why we aren’t moving at the pace we wanted in the direction we want to go.

So what is the secret to change? How do we transition through life without feeling stuck?

1. Reflection

Something that reflects comes back to you. When you look at your past experience and see how it has changed you. If you do not see any changes recently, then reflect further back. What did you learn that you apply to your everyday? What lessons should you apply?

2. Lose Yourself

Not the kind of "lose yourself" where you only preoccupy yourself in something else entirely (this is a self-reflection after all), rather free yourself from worry. The moon and the sun go through their cycle, a predictable path. But for you, your growth is an art-- but art is not made when you stress over everything.  Change is inevitable, so do not fret when it's coming. Think of how the change will be.

3. Keep an Open Mind

Perhaps the change that will happen comes from new ideas that challenge your mindset. However, we tend to let pride and stubbornness keep us from wanting to face those new ideas. Open up your mind, show no boundaries of your thirst for knowledge and wisdom. Build a bridge for change to come in.

Your life is an art, where each change is a brushstroke from the universe.

Inspired by the milestones, we created a collection for the starry-eyed dreamers who want to see the change. 


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