Silver Gilded, Gold filled

Silver Gilded, Gold filled

Many people often wonder the differences between Gold Filled jewelry and vermeil. Compared to gold plated jewelry, both gold filled and vermeil fit the perfect balance being high quality and affordable. But what sets them apart with each other? Here are the differences that set our newest Vermeil collection apart from our gold filled classics.
In order to truly understand both of the collections, we need to reintroduce what they are.
Gold filled jewelry is an actual layer of 14k gold-pressure bonded into another metal (mainly Jeweler's brass). 
Vermeil is a thick layer of gold plated on pure sterling silver. In our particular collection, we use 14k gold plated. 
In addition to the raw materials being more affordable than solid gold, they are also durable and with proper care, can last a lifestyle. 
Okay, but what are the differences between the two?
Well when you consider the differences in the foundations for each style, it influences how they will turn out when you wear them.
For gold filled pieces, their thicker layer of gold makes them more durable. With proper care, they do not change color over time. For people who have sensitive skin, this is the affordable go-to alternative to solid gold.
For vermeil, there is more variety to the material. Because sterling silver is a pure metal, it is also an excellent choice for those who have allergies to metals. 
In conclusion, both styles of jewelry are fantastic choices as they are more durable and affordable than solid gold and also higher quality than gold plated. In order to choose which design of jewelry you prefer, think about whether you like changes in the future and whether you want jewelry to keep its gold or have a more vintage look.

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