10 Practical Tips for Instantly Changing the Energy in Your Home So You LOVE Where You Live

10 Practical Tips for Instantly Changing the Energy in Your Home So You LOVE Where You Live

Time to Level Up the Energy Frequencies in Your Home… 

Because let’s be honest, we’re all spending lots of time there, especially now! 

Here are 10 tips for making it happen. 

1.  Clean your bathroom really really really well

Ever sit on your toilet and just look around.  You notice dirt in the corner, hair everywhere, the toothpaste not squeezed from the bottom (yes this will kill some people’s OCD) and a disarray of products on your counter and in your shower???  Come on ya’ll, I know you have a tiny piece of soap just sitting that you haven’t tossed in months even though you’re not gonna use it.

A clean bathroom allows you to sit on your throne with such good peace of mind.  Think of staying in a nice hotel, how do you feel when you take a poop there?  Soooooo goooood…. Because it’s so damn clean.  Declutter the sink area, put things in cabinets that are easily accessible and keep things on the counter to a bare minimum.

Be your own best hotel bathroom at home and your #2’s will feel so luxurious!

2. Cook, prepare and enjoy beautiful food at home

There’s no better way to get a good vibe at home than to bring in life giving vibes, aka food that nourishes and energizes your body.  Cooking at home naturally fills your space with love.  The cutting, the mixing, the baking all creates an energy flow that end up moving through your body bringing a natural joy only food preparation can bring.  

When you enjoy food at home you emit crazy good endorphins that creates more smiles, laughter and glee.  Food is life - treat it well (aka cook it with love) and it will surely love you back!

3. Sleep in a bed with pillows that you love

Don’t you wish they had a class in high school that told you some life lessons about how to live happy in life??? If they did I would absolutely recommend they teach you owning a pillow that you love is one of the greatest investments you can ever make.  The ROI of good peaceful sleep is priceless!!!  

Treat yourself, make your life happier, invest in a pillow that makes you excited to fall asleep.  This in itself is a life energy changer!

4.  Clear the doorway that you come in and out of so that when you enter the house you instantly feel at peace

What’s the main door you use to come into your house?  What does it look like?  Better yet, what does it feel like?  Do you kinda close one eye and are so used to it you don’t think about it?  Or does it make you so happy to be home where a sense of peace and calm takes over you for a second?

If it’s not the last one then you can use some energy clearing in this space for sure.  If you’re a no shoes household, where are all the shoes and do they look disheveled? Buy a shoe rack, return summer shoes to your closet - do something to clear the space.  If you have a mud room does it feel awesome?  Can it use a fresh coat of paint or a picture that makes you feel welcomed and loved when you walk in?

The ideas are endless… Do what makes you feel warm and fuzzy! 

5.  Put up family pictures that make your heart smile every time you see it

This right here is a game changer… I know, I know it’s a pain in the ass to get photos printed now a days but I swear it’s worth it.  Maybe save up and do 5-10 pictures in one go.  While you’re at it print a few extra pics and send them to your Mom (I’m sure she too would love updated picture frames, lol).

 6. Throw away bras, underwear, socks and undergarments that suck

LOL as I write this… I have such sucky undergarments that I’ve been keeping in my drawer for what reason only God knows!!!  Clear out the things that don’t fit, don’t bring you joy or straight up have no purpose in your life anymore.  I know there can be lots of sentimental stuff but get real with yourself.  If it doesn’t spark joy throw it away!

Pairless socks should have no real estate in your drawer.  Clean the clutter and make your drawers seeable again!

7. Have a plant, or two or so many... 

Plants are LIFE!!!  They breathe, emit oxygen, grow in front of your eyes and provide color and texture to your overall decor.  Do I really need to say more?

If you’re not a plant person and think you kill everything I challenge you to change that narrative and start working on your green thumb.  The main reason they aren’t thriving is because you’re not listening to them.  Sometimes they’re asking for water or more light and you can ignore them for weeks and poof you have a dead plant baby!  Listen, be present for them and I they will surely love you back!

8. Clear the mail junk pile - go through that ish and get it outta here!!! 

Just do it. No excuses, no fuss… Get all that junk mail thrown away, all good mail put in a manila envelope and set up a mail catching station that you commit to decluttering a few times a month.

9. Throw away all the expired food in your house

Canned goods DO NOT last forever.  Things in the freezer do have a time limit.  Expired food energy gets to be kabosshed on this purge.  Release dead expired energy!

10.  Bring in natural energy cleansers like crystals, sage and palo santo

Have you ever saged or palo santo’d your space?  These are tools used for many centuries proven to clear negative energies.  They emit a smoke and smell that evoke change.  When you feel stuck or heavy energy use it to lighten up the air.

Crystals are also a good energy absorber.  They are made of the earth, by the earth, for the earth and all carry different energy properties.  Ya’ll know we’re crystal lovers here at MaeMae and we can’t get enough.  We make jewelry with them, sell them as keychains and and sell them just as the earth made em…

Hope these tips will get you jumpstarted on your home energy renovation!!!

Sending lots of love and happy thoughts,

Rheena Mae

Chief Happiness Officer at MaeMae

“Love where you live and it will love you right back!!!”  ~MaeMae

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