Rheena Floating

Heal Your Anxiety after a Pandemic

I was drowning…

A global pandemic hit the world, shut down our business and stopped everyone’s “normal” way of living. Fear, uncertainty, lack of control and separateness engulfed me like a tornado and the only thing I knew to do was pray.

Pray for the safety of my loved ones. Pray for guidance and surrender. Pray that I would have enough courage to keep on keeping on…

This past year has been like no other to say the least. I’ve learned things about myself that I wanted to make better. I was able to sit with my anxiety face to face (because obvi, there was no where to go) and ask it what it needs. For the first time in forever I was actually able to embrace me, be kind to my spirit and allow myself the space to be honest with myself.

In that honest space anxiety and I had many conversations. She told me the root of where she comes from, why she lingers and what I can do to make her go away. You know what she told me? “Trust yourself. The worry that you inflict on your mind and body is man-made. It’s made by the stories you keep repeating in your head that either no longer exist or are completely made up. When you feel me coming on, breathe, sit, slow down, ask yourself if you’re telling the truth. If the answer isn’t a solid yes politely ask me to leave. What I’m asking you to do Rheena Mae is float… Trust your body to be at one with the water. Don’t fight it, don’t think you need more of it. Just lay back, take a deep breath and surrender to the knowing that you’re gonna be ok.”

It’s crazy to think… She’s right. I’m 41 now and have made it through 100% of my bad days.

Think about that? Even through your worst day, you’re still here. You figured it out and you keep going. When I’m having “moments” (because this is a daily practice and I’m definitely not healed all the way) I stop and remember the feeling of floating, knowing that I am supported by a universal energy that wants me here, that wants me happy that knows my existence has value and purpose.

Surrendering your anxious thoughts isn’t easy, but hopefully this visual will make you see how worth the journey of doing it is…

Drowning: struggling for air, gasping for breath, flailing arms, limp legs, shutting down of the body

Floating: steady breaths, synchronized breathing, calm body, spread out arms, in full surrender and trust that you’re being supported.

The sound of floating never felt so good. So in honor of this feeling we created a piece obvi called “FLOAT”. Being true to the MaeMae world where all our pieces are created by real feelings and emotions this one just hits different. It’s so freaking honest and spot on the energy is just magical.

Pictured below is Heidi, my amazing business partner who went to Costa Rica on a trip to float in magical waters. Both physically floating but also floating in the sense of reconnecting with the universe and building a loving trusting relationship that she’s exactly where she’s supposed to be and is supported through it all.

Heidi Floating

From my care bear stare to yours I wish you so many amazing new floating days that take you down stream in an easy and effortless way.

I love you,
Rheena Mae
Lover of Life


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