MaeMae Jewelry Gold Box Chain Align Necklace Gold Box Chain Align Necklace featuring the Align Bracelet
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Align Necklace
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MaeMae Jewelry Align Gold Chain Bracelet Align Bracelet Dainty Bracelet
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Align Bracelet
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MaeMae Jewelry Align Ring on White Background MaeMae Jewelry Gold Box Chain Align Ring
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Align Ring
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Grace Necklace Dainty Grace Necklace Dainty
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Grace Pearl Necklace
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Destiny Dainty Necklaces Destiny Dainty Necklaces
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Crystal Healing Stone Necklaces. Energy to bring those intentions closer every day! Choose from Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Jade, Citrine, Onyx, Tigers Eye, Turquoise, and Peach Moonstone! Citrine Success Stone Necklace. Yellow Citrine has many properties that make it an extremely sought-after stone. It brings you positive energy and aids in creative processes by awakening your imagination and transforming your dreams into reality. It is also referred to as “The Merchant’s Stone” because it not only attracts wealth to the carrier, but helps in maintaining it. Wear this necklace everyday to welcome success and manifestations. Style with our other pieces to create an intentional stack!
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