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Lucky Bamboo Earrings

Lucky Bamboo Earrings

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Adorn yourself with Lucky Bamboo to attract abundance into your life wherever you go

According to Feng Shui, you can attract good luck by adding a Lucky Bamboo plant in your home. It is known to enhance good luck, prosperity, and the flow of positive energy. We harnessed all this good juju into a sparkling adornment that allows you to carry the magic of Lucky Bamboo with you!

These earrings also add a touch of nostalgia to anyone who grew up with Mahjong being played in their home. Their design is reminiscent of the suit of Bamboo in the classic game 🀄️


  • 14k Gold Filled Bamboo shaped Earrings with Cubic Zirconia Emerald Accents
  • 13.3mm x 2.6mm 
  • comes with a Lucky Bamboo Mahjong Card in a yellow organza travel bag

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