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Charm Cards

Charm Cards

MaeMae Jewelry

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We wrote each message just for YOU...
A reminder that you're amazing just the way you are
A reminder that when you believe, the world becomes brighter
A reminder to play, laugh and honor each and every feeling
Read the card, then read it again. Then keep reading it until you believe it.

When the world gets tough we'll be right here holding your hand through it!
Read each one and choose the one that speaks to you

I'm a Superhero (infinity)
Dear Spirit Guides (fairy)
Dear Body (goddess)
Loving You is Easy (open heart)
Healing the Inner Child (cow jumped over the moon)
Emotional Roller Coaster (tree of life)
Success & Abundance (debit card)
Joy (mae)
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  • attached with a jump ring so you can put it on a necklace, keychain or keep it in a place that feels good
  • gold pewter charms
  • affirmation prayer card with beautiful artwork on the other side
  • lead-free, hypoallergenic materials
  • handmade with Love by MaeMae Jewelry in Los Angeles

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