Citrine Quartz Sage Wand

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 Set an intention and cleanse your sacred space.

Citrine Quartz: Known as the "Success stone", citrine helps not only in attracting wealth but maintaining it. This bright and joyful stone combats negative energies and aids in creative processes by awakening your imagination and transforming your dreams into reality.

White Sage: Harvested sustainably and used for cleansing, healing, protecting, purifying and empowering—Sage is a potent herb for removing negativity and energizing other objects, people, and places.

Palo Santo: Sustainably harvested from fallen wood that has naturally cured on the forest floor for 4-10 years.  This high quality Palo Santo is from Ecuador, and is fairly traded and ethically reforested.


  • Comes with 1 White Sage wand (3-4"). Palo Santo stick and amethyst crystal.
Size Guide





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