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Clear Quartz Sage Wand

Clear Quartz Sage Wand

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 Set an intention and cleanse your sacred space.

Clear Quartz: Considered a "Power Stone", this stone enhances many forms of energy by absorbing, restoring, and balancing it. It is beneficial for manifesting, meditating, and healing. Hold this stone to re-energize your chakra field so that your mind, core, and base are all working in harmony at their highest potential.

White Sage: Harvested sustainably and used for cleansing, healing, protecting, purifying, and empowering—Sage is a potent herb for removing negativity and energizing other objects, people, and places.

Palo Santo: Sustainably harvested from fallen wood that has naturally cured on the forest floor for 4-10 years.  This high-quality Palo Santo is from Ecuador and is fairly traded and ethically reforested.


  • Comes with 1 White Sage wand (3-4"). Palo Santo stick and Clear Quartz crystal.
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