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Limited Edition Crystal Moon Necklace

Limited Edition Crystal Moon Necklace

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Illuminate your spirit with the crystal moon necklace: where moonlight meets magic 

Feeling: In the enchanting glow of a midnight sky, the Crystal Moon Necklace emerges as a conduit to the ethereal magic of moonlight. The iridescent crystal captures the essence of lunar radiance, shimmering with every movement like the surface of a tranquil pond under the moon's gentle gaze.

This celestial adornment whispers tales of ancient mysticism and timeless beauty. As night falls and the moon ascends its celestial throne, the necklace comes alive, reflecting the soft luminescence of the moon's embrace.

Wearing the Crystal Moon Necklace is an invitation to dance beneath the stars, to wander through dreams woven with silver threads of moonlight. It serves as a reminder that within every soul resides a spark of the cosmos, waiting to be ignited by the enchanting magic of the moon


  • 18" 14k gold filled fancy paperclip chain with lab-made crystal gemstone moon charm, comes with lobster clasp
  • Moon Charm is 20mm x 10mm
  • comes with a La Luna Affirmation Card in a beautiful gift box
  • hypoallergenic, lead-free and tarnish resistant
  • handmade by real Angels in Los Angeles, CA


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