Desert Rose
Desert Rose
Desert Rose
Desert Rose
Desert Rose
Desert Rose

Desert Rose

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Energy of the Crystal

Desert Rose Selenite carries a gentle calming and rejuvenating energy that can help to relieve stress while enhancing your willpower. It is wonderful for meditation, bringing clarity of mind and cleansing the energy of the body. It promotes self-worth and confidence, supporting you on the journey to your highest self.

desert rose crystal is actually a selenite gypsum that naturally occurs.  Despite its rose petal-like softness, Desert Rose is a stone that will help you stand your ground and confront any hardship.

The meaning of Desert Rose is energy flow. It has been believed to help you to move out of stagnancy in life. This gemstone is said to foster flexible thinking, and is also good for helping to activate flow between other crystals in a grid or on your altar.

Our MaeMae team hand picks each crystal with lots of love and positive intentions.


  • approx 4-6cm
  • imported from Brazil
  • each crystal comes with a description card
  • each crystal is unique; size, shape, color, and patterns will vary

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