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Healing Juju in a Box Crystal Kit

Healing Juju in a Box Crystal Kit

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Do you need some healing energy? This is the Spiritual First-Aid Kit you didn't know you needed. This curated set of six stones is designed to infuse healing vibrations into your mind, body, and spirit. Are you in need of some Zen? There's a stone for that. Do you want to carry a little magic stone in your pocket that transmutes negative energy? We got that too! This kit is an emotional healing powerhouse, sending tranquility, balance, and vitality to your Universal Life Force. With six stones to choose from, there's one for every space that needs some healing juju!

Kit includes: 

Sugilite : "Stone of the Healers," removes negative energies and increases focus

Blue Calcite: Calming Stone, excellent for clearing anxiety and negative emotions

Clear Quartz: "The Master Healer," absorbs, purifies and re-energies your Chakras

Amethyst: often called the "Sobriety Stone," breaks destructive behaviors, also helps to strengthen intuition  

Bloodstone: Stone of courage, transmutes negative energy and encourages vitality

Golden Healer: spreads golden Universal Life Force energy throughout the body for multi-level healing



-5" x 3.5" Box with 6 individual compartments that hold a crystal

-Stone meaning cards are included with each crystal

-Stones vary in size from 12mm to 48mm


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