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Tumbled Hematite

Tumbled Hematite

MaeMae Jewelry

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Energy of the Crystal 

Beautiful tumbled hematite - excellent for blood flow and grounding. The Hematite crystal meaning is linked to its connection to the root chakra, the center of security and survival. By creating a strong sense of energetic stability, this crystal works to align, clear and balance your root chakra so you feel centered and secure.

It is particularly effective for strengthening the immune system and blood vessels - and is often called the Blood Stone (which aligns with the Greek root of the word).

Our MaeMae team hand picks each crystal with lots of love and positive intentions.


  • approx 4-6cm
  • imported from Brazil
  • each crystal comes with a description card
  • each crystal is unique; size, shape, color, and patterns will vary

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