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I Am The Light Necklace

I Am The Light Necklace

MaeMae Jewelry

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You strike down with power to illuminate your path with confidence. This golden, rounded square features an engraved bolt surrounded by an array of light. It powerfully sits on our standard 14k gold filled chain that glimmers with every movement in the sunlight. When you wear this piece, you are ready to strike down on your goals with pure determination and success 

Behind The Design  The thunder highlights the fearless nature of lightning bolts. It directs us to have courage and daring to overcome hurdles in our way. Spiritually, lightning is an aspiration for a new ray of hope or light into our lives. It represents the honest, brilliant thoughts in our minds. It also brings in the knowledge and insights for our upcoming projects in life. Finally, it ascertains us to work with strength and believe in our ability to achieve the goals. We wanted this necklace to showcase a powerful image of a bolt surrounded by an array of lights to serve as a personal representation of the strong light you carry

May This Piece Remind You  that sometimes, we choose the path where we need to be daring and reckless enough to suppress the barriers away. You are bold to take risks associated with your future goals, because your inner light illuminates your path to your journey


  • Standard 16" - 18" dainty 14k gold filled chain 
  • The Bolt charm measuring 1.7 cm X 1.7 cm (size of nickel)
  • 14k gold filled spring ring clasp
  • I Am The Light necklace comes with an affirmation card, in a beautiful gift box
  • lead-free, hypoallergenic
  • Lovingly handmade in Los Angeles by real Angels

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