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Pure Love Energy Stone Bracelet

Pure Love Energy Stone Bracelet

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This beautiful piece was inspired by some real-life magic!  ✨

Feeling: Three crystals were purchased at our store for a friend to transform their love life. Two weeks after receiving the stones, they met and went on a date with a famous rock star! It is proof that crystals work and their energy is real! We used those same magic stones to create one-of-a-kind bracelets for attracting and manifesting the love you've always dreamed of. 

Rose Quartz - enhances self-worth and confidence. Also helps foster intimacy and connection 

Flower Agate - promotes compassion and understanding, and is a powerful stone for manifestation and transformation 

Kunzite - calms heartache and opens the heart to experiencing and reciprocating love

Whether you're looking to manifest a special kind of love or are on a self-love journey, this adornment is the ultimate magic tool for attracting pure love energy


  • 7" (Standard Size) Beaded Bracelet made with genuine Rose Quartz, Kunzite and Flower Agate beads on nylon string cord
  • Bracelet comes with a card explaining the crystal's properties
  • handcrafted in Los Angeles by real angels, made to order
  • available in a variety of sizes 6.5" - 8" 

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