Rebirth Ring (Lotus)

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Rebirth - "An emblem of beauty and purity of speech, body, and mind- the opened and unopened petals of the Lotus represent various stages in one's life. It's ability to retract into the water at night and emerge again from muddy waters, unstained, showcases the incredible daily cycle of life, death, and miraculous rebirth."



  • 14k Gold Filled cable chain
  • Dainty Vermeil Lotus Charm 8mm x 10mm
  • 14k gold filled jump rings
  • Ring comes in a beautiful gift box
  • lead-free, hypoallergenic

Because these rings are not bands, it's better to wiggle the chain down, flip the center charm, wiggle it further (rather than just rolling it all the way down because the chain will twist and tighten). Repeat until needed. If it is hard to get past your knuckle, this is normal! The fit should be snug because you do not want them to easily roll off your fingers.

Size Guide





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Chain_Ring_Video_001 from MaeMae Jewelry on Vimeo.



Chain_Ring_Video_002 from MaeMae Jewelry on Vimeo.

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