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Wish and Love Bundle - Limited Edition Baby Buddha

Wish and Love Bundle - Limited Edition Baby Buddha

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Embrace the power of manifestation and self-love with our Wish and Love Bundle - Limited Edition Baby Buddha


Repeat after me: "Today's a new day...The stories of the past are over. Embrace that, live in that truth, and wish for the life that you want."

Let the Wish Baby Buddha be your constant reminder to manifest your best life, happily blowing your special intention on a dandelion, spreading the energy of your dreams through the Universe with perfect gratitude.



Repeat after me: "You're loveable from head to toe and worthy of all things that make your heart pitter-patter." The Love Baby Buddha will remind you every day that you are worthy of every kind of love imaginable. 

Keep saying these affirmations until your heart convinces your mind that you deserve everything you've ever dreamed of. Together, these Baby Buddhas will help you attract your best life and fill your days with love and intention.



  • comes in a small velvet pouch with a Love card/quote 
  • buddha measures approximately 1.5" L x 1" W
  • pink poly-resin baby buddha

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